“Mala” means both “circulating" and "connecting"
in Sanskrit,
and our restaurant values the unique
qualities of the area,
and the idea that people, materials,
and cultures are all inter-connected
through the medium
of food. We offer wood-fire grilled cuisine,
inspired by
the tradition of women firewood sellers from Ohara,
and dishes using fresh and delicate ingredients
such as Ohara's
vegetables and wild herbs that
make the best use of the local terroir.

About the Yase area

The village of Yase where moksa is located, has long been a “food crossroads”.
Driving north for about 10 minutes, you will find Ohara, famous for Kyoto’s finest vegetables. Going further north on the old Wakasa Highway, you will reach the Sea of Japan, and just across Mt. Hiei to the northeast is Takashima on the shores of Lake Biwa. Yase, as the gateway to Kyoto, lies along the road that was naturally created by merchants from Wakasa, known since ancient times for its abundant ingredients such as salt and seafood. Teahouses and restaurants sprang up in this area to welcome and see off travelers, and to heal their weariness. Drawing on the special nature of a place where people and food have intersected since ancient times, and which is so blessed with abundant ingredients, MALA aims to be a place that connects people and culture through food in the modern era.


18:00 / 19:30 Two seatings


18:00 / 19:30 Two seatings

Course menu only. Two seatings, at 18:00 and at 19:30.
We serve dishes centered around vegetables and wild herbs from Ohara and seasonal ingredients from Kyoto. The chef may devise and change the menu according to the fresh ingredients in the market that day. Please enjoy the taste of the changing seasons.


7:30 / 8:30 / 9:30 Three seatings


7:30 / 8:30 / 9:30 Three seatings

You may choose between a Japanese Breakfast, Western Breakfast, or a Healing Breakfast.

Japanese breakfast

We offer a main dish of local rice from Kyoto that is carefully individually
cooked in a clay pot, and topped with an omelet of free-range eggs,
along with side dishes of seasonal fish and vegetables.

Western breakfast

Rich free-range eggs cooked to order, salad of Ohara vegetables,
ham made from local chicken, and moksa’s fresh-baked homemade bread.

Healing breakfast

A breakfast porridge with a yuba (tofu skin) and yuzu citrus sauce,
and five-colored side dishes inspired by the five elements of Yin-Yang,
which gently balances the body and soothes the digestion.


  • Counter:

    8 seats

  • Table seating:

    28 seats

  • Private rooms:

    4 rooms / 16 seats

MALA Executive Chef

Hiroki Shishikura

General Manager / Exective Chef

After working as a sous-chef at “Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto” and a chef de cuisine at “The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa”, he became a MALA executive chef. Using the Italian and French techniques cultivated at the hotel restaurant, we offer creative firewood dishes made from locally produced wood.